Whistles Clothing


Whistles clothing is the stairway to heaven, leading to The New Age of Enlightenment. The ‘living this moment’ style illuminates the macrocosm out of a little microcosm of fashion revolution in Marylebone circa 1976. It tells that life is inside living: If life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get, then living is a treasure box with a chocolate box inside; even when you know what you’re gonna get, you never know what else you’re gonna get. Savoring a reputation for the chaste yet ravishing trouser, nobody-dies-a-virgin dresses as well as the luxe luxe retro knitwear, Whistles also offers well made and high quality yet affordable womenswear pieces that resemble Stegosaurus dinosaurs — in the middle of the most easily identifiable among its species — appealing to contemporary fashion heroines who love effortless and liberal design, aren’t scared of a little edginess, reference trends but not jump on the bandwagon so slavishly. Since the advent of Jane Shepherdson, who all alone reincarnate Topshop from Ishmael of high fashion into wildest British dreams, the pretty but definitely yummy mummy-ish air has condensed into cleaner silhouettes with a more urbane palette; baby pinks and lilacs have made way for camel, china blue, olives, tea rose and yes, bounty of black — and the detailing oddly scintillates the slightest vintage aurora rather than being fussy. And then there is this Roksanda Ilincic for Whistles collection, a focused offering of über pop mod cocktail dresses designed by the queen of couture herself. Want more big names? John Galliano, Dries van Noten and Jean Paul Gaultier all owe their outward-focused living in a self-focused world to this darling “roof lizard” living in today’s Voguish Jurassic period.