Tyler Durden Clothing


Now it’s time to go into the movie Fight Club for some delicious Tyler Durden clothing. We know you are looking for the clothes Brad Pitt wore back in year 1999 though it has been more than one decade now.

Now, same rules, let Cici have some summary where have we been to and where are we going. We are just back from the fashion shows at Milan, Paris and New York and London to catch the plethora of fashion designer clothing and the surging Plein Sud clothing after the Tokyo street and traditional events for all the items in Japanese clothing. Oh, you were so shocked by the subculture fashion when you see the Goths in gothic clothing.

And I’m pretty sure you still remember the Hollister clothing you put on during the trip of to experience the relaxing American surf lifestyle, after we took the time machine back from old days in the hunt of Elizabethan Era clothing.

Introduction to Tyler Durden Clothing

Alright, long intro after so many delicious clothing we have seen. Now presenting you what the fans want which is the everlasting Tyler Durden outfits from Fight Club, a movie perpetually ingrained in the fans’ mind, etched on their hearts and souls.

So, to some of you who might not know what it is, or do not even know who the heck is Tyler Durden, read on. There was an American feature film entitled Fight Club wherein Brad Pitt starred as a soap salesman by the name of Tyler Durden. Though the film failed to meet expectations at the box office at first, but later hit a huge commercial success during the DVD release. The cult film then permeated American society and the obvious cultural impact includes the setup of fight clubs by the followers.

All clothes especially the tops worn by Brad Pitt in the movie is called Tyler Durden clothing with the most famous piece being the fur coat. It is one of the most iconic Tyler Durden wardrobe clothes which is easily identified! Brad Pitt himself actually picked up this coat from a vintage clothing store and is the only piece used in the film. He wears this jacket in the hotel room when Jack Moore finds out that they are actually the same person and wears it again in “Garage Breakdown” scenes at the end of the movie.

Where Can I Buy Tyler Durden Clothing?

The most trusted and comprehensive online site to get Tyler Durden pieces is eBay. It is one of the best online clothing stores in web 2.0 and, if not mistaken, the only online site you can actually purchase clothing from Fight Club.

I know this cult film has brought a lot of pursuers for the clothing. And I believe that the trend will not end at least for the next few decades just like people still remember Marilyn Monroe. So, I have a gallery for Tyler Durden collection below for 1 T-shirts World readers. I hope you love this article as much as Tyler Durden clothing.

Tyler Durden Clothing
Tyler Durden Clothing