#42 Triple 5 Soul Clothing – T-shirts


Triple 5 Soul clothing aka Triple Five Soul is one of my favorite in the 102 T-shirts Countdown. It is simply because there is the word “Soul” like in my name Stefanie Soul. Alright, don’t take the bait I’m just kidding. Love happens because of the electrifying charm stem from the cool tees the folks there design meticulously and sensually.

Yes, bombastic words may not hold your attention. But that’s ok. I will let the t-shirts themselves make you dumbfounded instead of my words. You can see how great Triple 5 Soul could play with the visual effect especially the “Soul Heat” tee which has the overlapping effect from 3 colors.

Triple 5 Soul Clothing Rocks

555 Soul never let us down. They are pertty skillful in graffiti design too. Why I use the word “too”? It’s because we love the graffiti master so much. Yes, we are talking about Dissizit! (Ok, I know, too many times SLICK appears in 1 T-shirts World). Some of the t-shirts there also reminds me of FUCT clothing (Ok, I know, FUCT is SLICK’s clothing line too).

However, the closest one should be The Seventh Letter. OMG!! The Seventh Letter!! Forgive me that I always get too excited whenever this name is said. You all are nodding your heads to show approval too right?

Drop By Triple 5 Soul Clothing Store..

All in all, its cool t-shirts really make my day besides reminding me of other delicious labels. I’m looking forward to showing you more latest products from them sooner than later. Now, dig more out of Triple 5 Soul website. What?! You are not seeing anything you love? Hey man, don’t give up easily. Keep digging and you shall find Triple 5 Soul clothing that you digg.

Triple 5 Soul Clothing - T-shirts
Triple 5 Soul Clothing - T-shirts