Transparent Clothing


If you want to moonwalk above the fashion world, then you must first get to know these top 10 sexiest transparent clothing in the world. Sheer clothing is still one of the hottest trends at the moment after making a comeback in recent years.

This resurging clothing trend is simultaneously taking control of Hollywood while pissing a lot of people off enormously. Once a minor miscalculation between bra color and outside light is now turning into a palpable ploy for attention. Inside the world-renowned Hollywood, everyone from sexy goddess Christina Aguilera to cute fairy Kate Hudson has been photographed making a calculated sheer error.

To certain people, transparent clothes are nasty and shameful. Putting on a see-through garment is just asking onlookers to gaze, pleading them to ogle the boobs. Let’s learn the 3 ways to convince the anti-sheer gangsters first.

3 Keys to Wearing Transparent Clothing

Not only car key, house key, and of course your ipod, but bring along with you these 3 keys when you’re going out with your translucent look.

  • Class and Elegance. The first key to enchanting sheer clothing fashion is to keep it chic and graceful. A translucent shirt will look classy if it is paired with a gorgeous skirt. Also bear in mind that when it comes to sheer, less is truly more.
  • Time and Occasion. Transparent clothing is just the thing for a cocktail party or a reception of some sort and it definitely looks more appropriate in the summer than winter. Only fashion dummies/dumba*s will wear it to the office.
  • Poise and Confidence. ‘If I don’t go to hell, who would?’ is what Buddha said to mean sacrifice oneself for the good of others. Alright, we don’t mean to sacrifice your dignity as only those illiterate would call see-through garments lovers sons of the b*tch. What we mean is that even the majority denies it you should go for it with unlimited buoyancy if you love it, for the good of the rest of the world.

Transparent Clothing Trends: Accept or Deny?

Few days ago our clothing hunter, the fairy-like Stefanie Soul, was acting like a spoiled brat in front of Freak and Elegance designers. ‘I need advice on color matching for clothing!’*cries* B.S.K advised her to go for complementary color matching on account of her light skin complexion. But he did warn her too that the tone and hue are eye-catching but too much usage would become an eyesore.

Yes. You simply can’t overdo things. Same goes to those sheer clothing lovers out there. It is always a bit of a risk being under the spotlight because you never know how it will be received. However, if you’re in the middle of a wardrobe melancholy, see-through clothing is truly a sweet alternative to bring in a little exhilaration into your closet. In a nutshell, whether the world accepts or denies it, care nothing if you’re already deep in love with transparent clothing style.

Transparent clothing
Transparent clothing