Traditional Mexican Clothing


You were dazzled by the various kinds of Mexican clothing presented in the previous article. We have more to give in traditional Mexican clothing.

Mexico has been recognized as a country full of insightful literature, arts and music. It’s one of the reasons that traditional Mexican outfits have been sought after by a lot of enthusiasts worldwide. The clothing is not only appealing in design but it reflects the intriguing culture and background we love much.

Types of Traditional Mexican Clothing

The people in the ancient days loved to use vivid and striking colors in making their clothes. Various designs were used to distinguish different gender, ethnic group and social status.

8 famous types of traditional clothing are:

  • Huipiles
  • Quechquémitl
  • Rebozo
  • Puebla Dress
  • Folklore Dress
  • Embroidered Dress
  • Skirts
  • Sombrero

Huipile is one of the most important traditional garments generally worn by women. It is more often than not made of cotton but you see the use of wool at times. Huipile is best described as sleeve-less tunic. Quechquémitl is well-known as traditional Mexican clothing gear. It’s called a gear due to the common use as embellishment. It looks like stylish poncho and that’s the reason why you always see it in major fashion picture as classic. Usually, hand woven cloths are used to make Quechquémitl. The mélange of cultures due to the colonization of Spain culminates in another type of traditional outfit known as Rebozo. This women garment is rectangular, usually made of cottons, wool or silk, and worn as a shawl or scarf. Another ingenious use of Rebozo by women is to carry goods to the market.

Famous Traditional Mexican Dresses and Skirts

Dresses are one of the major elements in old Mexican clothing. Puebla dress and blouse are those which have short sleeves and loose fits. It was then also known as Boho dress. Mexican folklore dress is another famous type used by the folk dancers during performance. The upper half design looks like the Puebla dress while the lower half appears to be in several layers. All in all, traditional Mexican dresses are popular for their comfort from the careful choice of breathable textiles. They are long and flared with a touch of little puffed sleeves that makes one’s body relax at ease.

The people are also famous with the use of embroideries in traditional Mexican clothing to create symbols. Various symbols are used to bring out different significant meaning. Thus, you will find that there is a great amount of embroidery used to make the beautiful and stylish Mexican peasant dress. Apart from that, skirts in rectangular shape are ubiquitous in the society. They are the daily wear for women in Mexico. Skirt is simply wrapped around body and tucked in one part to tight it.

Where Can I Buy Traditional Mexican Clothing?

If you want something which can be worn or left home depends on mood, it would be the Mexican sombrero. It refers to a kind of hat with a brim that serves as sun protection. The general type is peasant sombrero which made of straw while there is also a costly type which is made of felt.

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Traditional Mexican clothing
Traditional Mexican clothing