Skimpy Bikini Contest


Skimpy bikini contest is one of the most famous bikini contests which feature not only hot chicks and sexy swimsuits, but artistic lifestyle too. How so? Those chicks are not only alluring in appearance but showing insight and knowledge in projecting themselves in any competition of this kind.

Besides, it is a spice in our daily routine too because the hotness of the quality contestants are as gorgeous and tempting as any of the top seductive bikini model.

Anyway, anyone here doesn’t have an idea what are we talking about after years of soaking into the world of effervescent clothing?

What Is A Skimpy Bikini Contest?

We guess most of you are already pretty clear about tiniest bikini contest due to the compelling magnetism of it. Your soul is probably still lingering somewhere in your imagination of the wild and red hot chili pepper party. Wake up!

A skimpy bikini contest also features toned and tanned chicks strutting their stuff in tasteful and sexy thongs, G-strings, tiny string bikini, teensy weensy triangle cups, to drive the spectators crazy and heat up the air in no time. That said, the winner is The Hottest Girl on the Floor who makes the crowd go wild and sizzle that they could not answer even the simplest question on earth – “What is the name of your dad?”

5 Keys to win A Skimpy Bikini Contest

The 5 important things to know to beat other sexy women and be the last one standing are:

  • Confidence. It is the most forceful tool to win any kind of competition. Strut your stuff and smile radiantly to subdue everything that comes in your way.
  • Fitness and tan work out. If you still remember how the enthralling body shape of sweet Lizzie makes Hilary Duff bikini one of the most sought after swimsuits in Hollywood, then put efforts in gym and reward yourself with a sunbath to get a good tan too!
  • Appropriate bareness. The more you expose yourself, the more points you get. However, it is not a nudity contest so do not wear like a bitch but put on your most tantalizing tiny bikini gracefully. You can also go for a sheer bikini to easily adjust the exposure level you desire.
  • Sexy high heels. That certainly reminds you of the red heels in the cover of “The Devils Wear Prada” that sold millions of copies worldwide. These things have the magic to turn you into a sexy goddess by making your legs look leaner and longer.
  • Be flirty. Don’t be so mean but keep flirting with the other women on the stage like a gentle touch, a seductive glance or a careless whisper will help you score lots of extra points.

We hope these tips would help you win countless trophies and awards of “The Hottest Girl on the Floor”.

Below is the best collection of the swimwear photos that would certainly give you an inspiration in “bikining” up yourself deliciously to win your first skimpy bikini contest in style. Hope you digg it!

Skimpy Bikini Contest
Skimpy Bikini Contest