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Here’s your delicious A-list of River Island clothing and 3 cloak-and-dagger bonanzas bestowed to this one of the most recognized British clothing brands.

Flipping back the bulky, filthy book of fashion history, River Island embarked on its own voyage in 1948 into a world ruled by the Law of the Jungle just when the earthshaking New Look by Christian Dior clothing prospered all the way into mainstream. The company was first known as Lewis Separates, then Chelsea Girl, Concept Man prior to today’s established name.

Its madly sought-after collections drooled over by global fasheratti have been styled by its own in-house designers, often inspired by designer clothing brands such as Balenciaga clothing and Chloé clothing, to ensure that their goods charm the high street with an irreplaceable appeal.

3 River Island Clothing Hush-hush Jackpots

From clothing to jewelry to shoes, the youth-oriented brand sells an all-encompassing gamut of fashion products that not only sweep across UK, but go all the rage the world over.

  • RI eats it all! Any retail business guru would tell you the chain’s target market primarily composed of twentysomething girls, but it indeed has a universal demographic. On top of it, it’s the vivacious styles that directly fascinate the sassy vicenarian; peeling off the skin reveals two intangible elements that keep customers at their thirties or even forties returning – reminiscence and appreciation. The constant reference to the vivid 80s clothing trends, the high-quality goods and fabulous deals have all coalesced to put a perpetual hex on consumers traversing through the high-velocity Eighties, the anti-fashion Nineties and the Y2K run-of-the-millennium era.
  • Leggings fiesta. River Island clothing holds the Guinness World Records of the fastest seller of leggings, selling about 1.4269 pairs every minute in a span of 365 days. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that everything has got its place and time. The resurgence of the company was so concomitant with the period leggings slipped out from the gym and garnered popularity in a flash. Absolutely against the Law of Sod, or perhaps it’s simply the bridge that links back to chorus, but not the coda of the song, leggings fashion endure over decades and become the spinal column of River Island’s rolling business. Can anyone deny it as a windfall from heaven?
  • And the winner is..While the erogenous obsessions switch from big breasts to legs and leggings overstep infatuation into wardrobe must-have, the brand has never forgotten to give back to its origin by sponsoring the Graduate Fashion Week. The event beckons established names and journalists from UK and overseas, all anticipating the crème de la crème of rising quirky British designer. On the win-win pendulum, young designers get the chance to gain exposure and score the exalted River Island Gold Award given to the most terrific collection at one end; River Island earns its veneration from some of the world’s most illustrious design houses at the other.

Where Can I Buy River Island Clothing?

As a matter of fact, design is always at the heart of everything the River Islanders do. They avow to commit to transferring forthcoming and novel fashion to the high street. Besides getting the grand prize of £20,000, winning key looks will be showcased at the designated window display in their flagship store on London Oxford Street.

With over 250 stores in United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Turkey, Middle East, Singapore as well as expansion in other parts of the world, plus more than 50 years of retailing experience, this high street fashion chain exudes a tang of petrifying chakra which has sent a red alert to its retail competitors such as Topshop clothing, Topman clothing, Next clothing, New Look clothing, ASOS clothing, Miss Selfridge clothing, Debenhams clothing, Oasis clothing, Warehouse clothing, Dorothy Perkins clothing, Republic clothing, Burton clothing, Zara clothing and USC clothing companies.

Visit River Island stores for its authentic goods. If you wish to moonwalk the internet world, you’re just a click away to land in River Island website to check out the latest River Island clothing.

River Island clothing
River Island clothing