#10 Original Fake Clothing – T-shirts


Original? Fake? Original and fake? All wrong. It is Kaws’ Original Fake clothing. The trademark double “XX” has blowed a tornado across the continents in the past few years. Any t-shirt lover on earth should not miss OF tees. It is the surging label which is coming out strong to become the new king of simple-yet-mass-appealing artworks. Simplicty.

It is finally coming down to our top 10 showdown in 1 T-shirts World after years of waiting. Kaws’ Original Fake has a one-of-a-kind whiff of fragrance in its artworks and ideas where you won’t find it in other brands. He’s being known as a contemporary master in unconventional arts and illustration.

Original Fake Clothing Rocks

I bet that you have already fallen in love with the cool t-shirts below if you have dragged the scroll bar down instead of reading the words. But you might fall even deeper after having a little read about the author Kaws.

His real name is Brian Donnelly, a shy guy from the outside but if you savor his production and design with sense and sensibility, you would find that he is an open-minded contemporary artist from the inside. Kaws’ Original Fake is as hot as the passion burning in his heart.

Through years of commitment, Kaws has turned himself into the prominent figure in the underground movement of graffiti culture. Not only that, his influence has in fact spread to the mainstream of gallery art and commercial incorporation. The first store in Tokyo, Japan has been thronged by the cults which is a tremendous success for this gifted artist.

Drop By Original Fake Clothing Store..

You can get the idea why Original Fake is so magnetic by savoring the tee collage below. After the first sight, OF has then come into my dreams every night. It will be in yours too from tonight on.

Oh ya, I have to say that Original Fake has a totally different concept from Ambiguous though the name implies a bit sense of ambiguity. Original Fake website has not really been officially launched but feel free to have a look if you have fallen deep in love with Original Fake clothing.

Original Fake Clothing - T-shirts
Original Fake Clothing - T-shirts