Olsen Twins Bikini


Here are the best Olsen Twins bikini photos because we know everyone is pretty hungry for more bikini-clad celebrity photos after the hot Hilary Duff bikini was presented.

I pretty love the tiny bikini worn by the sexy blonder Ashley Olsen but I guess both of the fraternal twins sexy swimsuits have all the guys looking with nose bleeding.

Though their clothing fashion choices have not been without controversy, New York Times used to declare Mary-Kate a fashion icon when her signature “homeless” look was embraced by the mass.

Olsen Twins Bikini Vs Signature Fashion

It will be interesting to have an ad lib review on the twins’ fashion and their choices of bikinis.

  • Mary-Kate’s “homeless” style is referred to as “ashcan” or “Boho-chic” at times. You might not familiar with these terms until you recall the Bohemian chic made popular by Kate Moss and Sienna Miller years ago. They are quite similar where both feature oversized sunglasses, loose sweaters, flowing skirts and boots. The aestheticism of this style is the mélange of high end garments with low end. However, the twins used to be criticized for using fur in their fashion clothing line.
  • Now that they take off all the clothes and what left are the tiny bikinis. Ashley’s deep blue bikini with flower print is as sexy as her squeezable thighs and the curvy tummy whereas Mary-Kate’s string bikini kind of matching with her messy hair and nicely tan rear. All in all, they are really looking fashionable and charming with whatever they would put on them. Don’t try to imagine that they are sunbathing in sheer bikini anyway!

Olsen Twins Bikini Galleries

We have jumped into the bandwagon of presenting celebrity bikini photos because the mass seems love them so much. However, it seems to be contrary with our slogan “One World One Clothing”. Thus, we will stop catching the trend and stop featuring this kind of posts but focus on the kaleidoscope of bikini industry for both the businessmen and consumers.

Anyway, let’s savor the Olsen Twins bikini pictures shown below.

Olsen Twins Bikini
Olsen Twins Bikini