#3 Mishka Clothing – T-shirts


Mishka clothing has a lot of cool t-shirts and artworks the fashion cults craze about. Its fans value the bear mop logo like the historic treasure dug out from the deep blue sea. Anyway, the fans would die for Mishka not only because of this trademark logo, there is this “bloodshot eyeball” which has been driving the mass crazy too.

I love both.

1 T-shirts World has hunted down a lot of appealing t-shirts from hundreds of online clothing stores and I am so proudly landed on Mishka property again. Of course this is not the first time I step in, but this time I have an extraordinary feeling which no words could explain.

Mishka Clothing Rocks

In the past, whenever I looked for the latest t-shirts and stuff, I would certainly be spellbound at the first sight of the glittering and kaleidoscopic design typically Mishka style. Not only that, I would be like totally in love with everything which I just caught a glimpse of it, not even a sight, and could never get myself out of the imagination of having all of them in my closet.

I feel the same this time.

Drop By Mishka Clothing Store..

I would be the most blissful t-shirt lover in the world if I can have all the t-shirts tagged with the bear mop logo and put them on everyday to school in Osaka. I’m sure my friends will not feel bored because the fashion label always keep producing brand new designs which are fresh and hot at times, delicious and artistic at times, and unforgettable and ethereal most of the time!

Check out more cool t-shirts from Mishka website and spread your love for Mishka everywhere to support this inspiring label. Love is all around~ Here is the collage of the best Mishka clothing we love.

Mishka clothing - t-shirts
Mishka clothing - t-shirts