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Here’s your delicious A-list of Marshalls clothing store fashion and 3 cogent approaches that propel it to become a highflyer rather than just a sister company of TJ Maxx clothing stores.

If you’re bought into the department store blindfolded, only unveil your vision after you’re inside, you would not know whether it is TJ Maxx or Marshalls department stores. Of course if you were the incarnation of Sherlock Holmes or Conan Doyle, it would be a different story.

Feel no fret. Let our sharp-eyed clothing hunter Stefanie Soul do the job and present you the similarities and differences of these two mirror American clothing retailers.

3 Marshalls Clothing Store Coherent Strategies

Indeed, Marshalls department stores are the second largest off-price family clothing and home fashion retailer in US, just behind T.J. Maxx clothing stores. Their business strategies are cohesive, with only subtle difference.

  • Dead ringer of TJ Maxx. The price and value strategy is similar to Maxx, but they are up to only 50%. Did I just say only? They ascertain the quality of the products and cream-of-the-crop customer service the same way TJ Maxx does. They have their own ‘give and take’ program entitled ‘Fashioning our community’, having raised funds and awareness for US charitable organizations that commit to fashioning a better future for those they serve. Oh, you can’t have your shopping splurge at Marshalls online department store as it too doesn’t exist.
  • The CUBE vs The Runway at Maxx. Just like TJ Maxx, there’s a brand-spanking-new boutique built inside Marshalls clothing store. The design emanates the whiff of je ne sais quoi any high-end boutique could have: fun and easy to navigate through the shop. Moreover, the colossal spectrum encompasses not just branded designer clothing but also sunglasses, bags, shoes and accessories from the most contemporary and highflying brands. All these crave-worthy brands are up to 50% off the prices you pay at those hot-shot mall shops, every day!
  • The ultimate dagger. With a product hodgepodge close to that of TJ Maxx clothing stores, Marshalls essentially distinguishes itself with an all-inclusive line of footwear and a more extensive men’s assortment. Marshalls also introduced its latest brainchild ‘Shoe MegaShop by Marshalls’ in 2008, a standalone store featuring shoes and accessories. Here, you’ll find the boots and flats for her, athletic and rugged styles for him, as well as the exact same styles from your favorite brands for men, women and kids sans the soaring price tags.

Where Can I Find Marshalls Clothing Store?

In 1995, The TJX Companies acquired Marshalls department stores and together with TJ Maxx clothing stores, they formed The Marmaxx Group which later evolved into the biggest off-price retailer of clothing and home fashions in the United States. At the end of 2008, The Marshalls chain reported a staggering number of 806 operating stores in US, and is now still growing consistently in markets and through mounting prosperous merchandise opportunities.

Marshalls has garnered immense success by duplicating the business model of TJ Maxx clothing stores with a little golden touch on it. With another sister company AJ Wright clothing store also surging up strong and in a virtually unstoppable progress, Marshalls and co. are showing their vehemence to their major competitors such as Rainbow clothing store, Pac Sun clothing store, Express clothing store, Deb clothing store, and Charlotte Russe clothing store.

Visit any locations of Marshalls department stores near you for its goods. If you wish to moonwalk the internet world, you’re just a click away to land in Marshalls website to check out what’s new in Marshalls clothing store.

Marshalls clothing store