Married to the Mob Clothing


Married to the Mob clothing is the most rebellious stuff delivered by the most official bitches in fashion city New York, for the chic women from all over the world.

Stefanie bumped into these official bitches in Mexico and hung out together after finding out they share countless of interest and tastes, especially in fashion. You know, the gorgeous clothing hunter told us that it’s really easy to start a conversation when everyone involved is open-hearted and chilled out, what more when you are surrounded by the world-class Bohemian and artsy scenes in Mexico City.

Wearing in sombrero and hip sunglasses, our lovely Stef tell them a little about Mexican clothing and where to buy nice traditional Mexican clothing as souvenir as a return for their kind first-hand information about this rocking fashion label that says “nah” to the world.

The Rebellion of Married to the Mob clothing

If you think street fashion should only come from streets in Japan like Shibuya and Harajuku at Tokyo or Minami at Osaka, let’s walk around the world again.

  • Just like the vivacious nightlife in world-renowned cities like Zurich in Switzerland or Istanbul in Turkey, this brand is built and nurtured by the most energetic and sexy chicks hopping in NYC streets. They wish to pass their chakra to those women sharing the same passion for life and, life. We would say, ordinary women LOVE it, extraordinary women WEAR it.
  • After reading 1 T-shirts World for ages, you do understand marketing plays an indispensable role in nurturing a worldwide label, don’t you? May be you need us to remind you of the grayscale marketing images by Abercrombie and Fitch clothing and the modified sepia toned images that look somewhat faded by Hollister clothing? So have you seen all the marketing images by Married to the Mob clothing that beckon all the online and offline fashion magazines to feature and even super highlight their stuff?
  • Yes, the official commercial photos and lookbook by MOB never disappointed the fans. “It’s time to rebel and rock the world” could be the sticky messages lies within the photos with high visual impact, but what really makes the world rock is that all those photos feature most official bitches that you would die for. Let’s extol the brilliant viral marketing idea by Married to the Mob to the skies.

What’s New in Married to the Mob Clothing Store?

Give this label a kiss (that looks like its logo) if you are new and falling in love with it now. Huh? Did you really just do it? No! NO! Learn how to say NO as this is the real spirit of MOB. Rebel is the word. They hip and hop, but never follow.

So, what’s new and spicy in Married to the Mob website now? Of course it is its 2009 Spring/Summer Collection. There are two parts; the first one feat Kid Sister while part II embraces Spring-welcoming t-shirts, a distressed edition of its 24th St. jean and some stunning MOB dresses. This collection is so appealing that urges us to make a pledge here.

We promise you to deliver more in the future when they submit their latest most official bitchy stuff for us. Now hope you enjoy the Married to the Mob clothing highlight below.

Married to the Mob clothing
Married to the Mob clothing