How To Cut Up T-shirts In 4 Steps


If you are serious in learning the professional ways of cutting up t-shirts, this 4-step technique is the ultimate guide.

Freak & Elegance designers taught me on how to cut up t-shirts lately. They did it in front of me and the process is just so magical. Reading this article alone means you are not old-fashioned, so you want to do a little mash-up on your out-of-fashion t-shirts to really rock ‘em up. After all, clothing is indeed alive!

We are taking a break on our t-shirt feature section and let’s deliver the steps by steps process to answer your how to cut up t-shirts question in no time.

4-Step Magic in Cutting Up T-shirts

Are you ready to drop your jaws and enjoy the eye-popping moment? Here you go!

  1. Get the two to-kill t-shirts that you want to play swapping magic with ready. The mash-up magic works best if the two shirts are of same material. A little variation is ok. Scissors and sewing machine (hand sewing is ok.)
  2. Before cutting up the image you love and plan to migrate it to the new home, make sure the cut-up will cover the other completely. You can fold or roll the t-shirt with the image and put on top of the other so you have a rough estimation how much to cut up.
  3. Next, pin the cut-out on to the new t-shirt but take note that it makes your life much easier if you pin perpendicular to the line you are going to sew along so no pins need to be taken our in the sewing. After you are done simply put the t-shirt into the sewing machine.
  4. Now you are ready to trim the edges of the cut-out from outside and inside of the t-shirt so the fresh image area won’t have two layers which are rather uncomfortable.

Now, Show Off Your Cut-Up T-shirts and Share The Ideas

Lastly, show off this cool mash-up t-shirt to your friends. If they ask you how to cut up t-shirts like you do, share the original ideas and your innovation with them. There are virtually trillion of ways to do it. Freak & Elegance designers did it the other way.

The inspiring photos of cut-up t-shirts shown below give you the idea how rocking t-shirts can be produced in just 4 steps.

I have specially embedded also videos that give you visual step-by-step teaching on how to cut up t-shirts and make your oversized tee into hip and fitted t-shirt. One by two hot chicks, one by Kat Von D (Your favorite!) and last but not least Don Ed Hardy X Adam Saaks custom cut shirts in action!

Altering t-shirts is simply fun!

p/s: Be sure to keep an eye on 1 T-shirts World for how to cut up t-shirts update when fresh and more powerful ideas kick in.

T-shirts cut-up by two hot chicks

Your favorite Kat Von D’s official t-shirt cutting class

Ed Hardy X Adam Saaks t-shirt cutting in action!

How to Cut Up T-shirts
How to Cut Up T-shirts