#59 Freshjive Clothing – T-shirts


Freshjive clothing is what fashion lovers look for when they want some fresh and hot stuff to create a vivacious lifestyle. It is a streetwear brand which has provoked some controversial issues few times especially for the Victimized tee where a child is holding a machine gun. I am not going to explore into the issue because we are here to savor cool t-shirt design instead of bitter stories.

Okay, it’s not prejudice that I went deeper into fashion like Gwen Stefani Harajuku Girls. It is not a label and not in our 102 T-shirts Countdown. It’s a guest here for me to dissect and show you the root of it. If I’m to dissect Freshjive too, it’s going to be yet another long story that take up your precious time. Let’s make it short and precise.

Freshjive Clothing Rocks

I admire the folks there for their skill in playing with colors. They are not only pro in mixing colors but even more pro in one-color design. However they design its tee, it is going to be sold out right after the release. It’s because they have built a massive followers with their vision, mission, and above all, talent.

Freshjive always makes miracle by using the right combination of colors along with the themed design. They are just yet another Illuminati group. I think I have to set up another category just to put the gangs that spread important or hidden message through cool t-shirts. After all, being expressive is everything in the front line of fashion.

Drop By Freshjive Clothing Store..

Visit Freshjive website directly for more tees and feel free to decrypt the hidden message yourself. Let me know if you find something groundbreaking ingeniously obscured in Freshjive clothing.

Freshjive Clothing - T-shirts
Freshjive Clothing - T-shirts