Fox Racing Clothing


Fox Racing clothing and Fox clothing are two most wanted foxes from fashion industry whose popularity isn’t lower than the sexy celebrity Megan Fox from Hollywood. Huh? Déjà vu?

Yep, this is the back-to-back feature of brands which coincidently use Fox as their label name. You’ve seen the casual one in the previous highlight, now let’s get to the thrilling racing type. Fox Racing is a company that delivers motocross clothing.

From apparel for BMX and wakeboarding to surfing and mountain biking, they offer a wide range of products to sports-cum-fashion lovers. You name it you get it.

The Poise of Fox Racing Clothing

Fox Head logo has evolved into one of the most renowned and bestselling alternative sports brands behind the formidable business that develops outfits for the most extreme and physically demanding motorsport in the world: motocross.

  • Fans that put on Fox Racing apparel have an “emotional attachment” to the brand, an extraordinary feeling which tells that it’s bona fide. It means performance. It means, for lack of a better word, cool. And Fox has been keeping that “cool” a delicate balance as its well-built foundation of success. Besides, consistent research and fine-tuning are carried out on Fox Racing race apparel and performance gear, which yields race clothing that gives riders optimum performance and freedom of movement. These garments are also well-known for its ability to endure the elements and the torturous racing conditions that are a major part of motocross.
  • Through the leadership and feedback of Fox Racing’s championship-winning athletes, it continues to beam bright enough to light up the sky for others by capitalizing on the finest technology and design talent available to optimize the superiority, comfort and performance of its production. In other words, if there’s no lessons learnt on the pro and amateur race circuits of the world, Fox Racing will never be able to create the best lines of racing wear, gear, and sportswear known worldwide.
  • In today’s world of fashion and brands, Fox Racing clothing is put aside with other edgy labels such as No Fear and Billabong. They are now shooting at the mainstream market, manipulated by Nike and Tommy Hilfiger and Old Navy clothing. Fox Racing logo, a quirky fox face drawn up for 300 dollars back in the 1970s, is omnipresent at the motocross races that flood mammoth stadiums as well as on the filthy trails of off-road parks.

What’s New in Fox Racing Clothing Store?

While Fox Racing company is still giving a steadfast commitment to its motocross roots with its all-inclusive line of motocross helmets, jerseys, pants, gloves, and boots sold through independent motorcycle accessory dealers all over the world, it also delivers a complete line of sportswear, including t-shirts, fleece, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, jeans, shorts, and hats to the mass through finer motocross, bike, and sportswear retailers.

What’s new and hot in Fox Racing website is the Summer 2009 Girls Looks that we are going to present here. If you’re crazy over its products and can’t find a store near you, hunt them down in the popular Pac Sun clothing store and Gadzooks clothing store (now Gadzooks 21) and you shall see the latest Fox Racing clothing so hot on the selves.

Fox Racing clothing
Fox Racing clothing