A Bathing Ape a.k.a. Bape Clothing Story

Website: http://www.bape.com/ Tagline/Slogan: bathing in lukewarm water Categories: Clothing Products: Streetwear (t-shirts, hoodies, jeans, sneakers) Founder(s):  Tomoaki Nagao a.k.a Nigo It’s time to catch a flight to fly all the way to Japan for the legendary streetwear label Bape which 

Bape Clothing

Bape clothing has been storming throughout the street fashion world since 1993 and is now well recognized at every single corner where street king rules. From Shibuya or Harajuku at Tokyo to Minami at Osaka, where you would see a mélange 

#2 Bape Clothing – T-shirts

Bape a.k.a A Bathing Ape is the legend in streetwear fashion. The Japanese founder, Nigo, started Bape clothing in 1993 by printing t-shirts, half sold and half given to friends. Because the t-shirts were designed with artworks which were simple