Evans Clothing


They should live in the Jurassic Park, they’re the big league of pork chop… Empty your mind. Don’t be manipulated by filthy lies and words. Even they say that you’re a gigantic dinosaur or fatty oily pig, you still have Evans. Tell the guys, even I’m a pig, I’m the irresistible piggies, the delicious pork chop, but do you have the guts and inner quality to get to know and eat me up? Or do you have the temperament to even match me? After dismantling the spirits of those useless men, time for a little ‘retail therapy’! Wheeeeeeee! Wherever there is Evans, there is plus size women’s clothing in sizes 14 – 32 as the bunch of girls knows exactly what a free spirit needs. From fit to flatter, Evans clothing store has special expertise in designing, fitting and styling the latest fashions to flatter the curvy woman. Sweet, bitter, bitter sweet, sour, sweet and sour, salty or umami, they know which styles best suit the different tastes and various types of curvilinear body shape. Transcending vogue itself is their leap of faith in believing that every woman should feel the rainbow in her curves and be rest assured that heavenly glory lies just in front. Hence, dinosaurs, don’t listen, now walk the path that you want to. Feel your soul. Feeeeeeeel.