#72 Diamond Supply Co Clothing – T-shirts


Diamond Supply Co clothing continues to rock the manhood world with men power after DJ t-shirts started the D-list. From the brand’s name itself we know that its theme revolves around something men must buy at least once in a life time.

“What is that” is the silliest question to ask in this context. Everyone knows it’s diamond. Unless you are a gay, you’ll need it to please your girl. Anyway, may be, just may be, your gay partner actually love diamond too. Oops, I’m yapping away too much on diamond, I’m off-topic again.

Diamond Supply Co Clothing Rocks

The philosophy is to supply clothing in very, very limited quantity. This makes their t-shirts as valuable as diamond. That is the reason why they have this name instead of T-shirts Supply Co. Below is the gallery which stores the best of the best tees by this brand.

The tee they cross with hot air label is as thrilling as the limited edition tees which they cross with Crooks and Castles. And then there’s this Marilyn Monroe tee featuring Diamond Supply Co X Girl Skateboards. The fame of this LA based company is nothing less than the Tokyo based Bape clothing. From high street fashion to streetwear culture labels, everyone wants a chance to collaborate with them.

As the official clothing hunter @ 1 T-shirts World, Stefanie never turn its fans down as I have found their online shops after few years searching around the internet world.

Drop By Diamond Supply Co Clothing Store..

Visit Diamond Supply Co website to have a diamond shopping spree right away! No fret, it’s not as pricey as diamond. The folks there know their products are popular but never raise the price bar. They want to hit the Tipping Point by supplying stuff in good quality and reasonable price to the mass market. Hence, you can always enjoy the high quality low price Diamond Supply Co clothing.

Diamond Supply Co Clothing - T-shirts
Diamond Supply Co Clothing - T-shirts