Clothing Optional Galleries


Here is the ultimate and best clothing optional galleries for you. There are always controversial topics about the rights of this culture. Some people think it opposes with the convention and should be banned. But, the law of opposition mentioned in Angelic Devil and Devilish Angel says that if there is ebb, there must be flow to balance it.

The cults would never mind what others have to say but they just do themselves. Thus, clothing optional resorts have been built rapidly in some countries especially Canada to supply to the activist mass of interest. Let’s check out some precious information and the tantalizing galleries right away.

Clothing Optional Galleries – Love It Not?

The question above complement with the photo galleries is an indirect way to ask whether you agree to this culture or not. Look at those people in the photos, are they a shame to you or are worthy of your respect?

Personally, I think it is ok to indulge in the world where natural and beautiful naked human body is the official medium of expression. It is somewhat similar to the law to legalize gay relationship in Holland. After all, I believe life is about getting what you want without harming others.

Anyway, I have to admit that I have not joined any of the events like this kind so I will present 3 reasons why clothing optional should not be seen as “too wrong”.

3 Reasons I Love Clothing Optional Galleries

Because you can’t find my face in those photos yet, I am only able to say I love to view these galleries because the facial expression of those frolickers reflects their happiness of being exposed freely. Not the body okay? Now I will show my moral support to clothing optional practice by three short and precise personal opinions of mine.

  • As mentioned above, the nature and beauty of naked human body should be worthy of respect, not shame.
  • Clothes-less doesn’t always have to be link with sexual activities. There are too much hypocrisy in this world and let’s give leeway to those who just want to show the real face and real body. No beautiful clothing. Nothing covered.
  • The decision to wear or not to wear, what to wear and how to wear should be in the hands of the individual, not the geographical areas.

The Best Clothing Optional Galleries

Of course I am not saying that every corner in this world should practice or allow clothing optional activities. If that happens, we will go back to primitive age. After all we are already in millennium and civilization has long existed. What I mean is that it should not be too much restricted by laws and mainstream mind. Instead of banning it, spend our energy to fight with the surging crime rates, economy slump as well as real hypocrites and shameful persons.

Alright, should stop talking now. Here we present you some great photos to encourage those, especially women, who wish but do not dare to expose themselves due to the fear of their bodies being ‘not right’. By the way, regardless of whether you pro or anti this activity, this article is purely written to express personal opinions about it and to show the some clothing optional galleries.