Clothing For Different Body Shapes


There are some little secrets to find the right clothing for different body shapes. What you need to do is to learn the magical tips and tricks here.

As you already know, conventional categorization of body shapes encompasses apple, pear, rectangle and hourglass. These four major groups are so much outdated and thanks to the two most revered fashion gurus on earth, Susannah and Trinny, we have a staggering number of 12 groups.

If you wish to find the best clothes to fit your body curve and accentuate the essentials while hide the imperfections, read on. If you do not even have the classic perception of the 4 major body shapes, READ ON.

12 Useful Tips on Clothing for Different Body Shapes

We will look at the 12 key shapes in the revision of the traditional four body shapes and the exclusive revelation of eight others here for the good.

  • Apple. Skirts should be side-fastening and flat-fronted, to avoid extra bulk. With shoes, a small, shaped wedge shows off shapely calves and ankles. Traditional jeans don’t work for an apple, so go for tailored, wide-legged denim trousers.
  • Hourglass. The cornerstones of an Hourglass wardrobe are V-neck fitted cardigans and pencil skirts. Avoid stilettos, choose shoes with rounded or peep toes.
  • Skittle. Any vertical pattern on your bottom half will help to slim the appearance of your thighs Broad lapels on a coat draw the eye to your shoulders and show a shapely torso. Because your legs are short you want a high, chunky heel.
  • Vase. The wide, scooped neckline helps to balance your chest with the rest of your body. Curvy girls need curvy shoes. The single button on the jacket will emphasize your narrowest area.
  • Cornet. A draping dress creates curves in all the right places, while skinny jeans will play up the slinkiness of your snake-like hips. Choose delicate heels to highlight slim calves and exquisite ankles.
  • Lollipop. Your shoes should be slim-heeled to reflect your slim legs. Strategic gathers on a dress will direct all eyes to your waist. Bell-bottom trousers balance out your boobs so you look less top heavy.
  • Column. Gathering and pleating on the shirt break up the endlessness of the Column. Choose shoes that are nicely balance and supportive. A feminine chiffon dress will soften your shape.
  • Bell. Create broader shoulders with a funnel-shape coat, and go for a thigh-skimming kaftan in summer to cover a swimsuit-embarrassed body. Cone heels will balance out your bottom half.
  • Goblet. The deep wide V-neck halves the area of your chest, while a skirt that is fitted at the top strokes those svelte legs as the flaring hemline balances your top half. These heels will complement your shapely legs.
  • Cello. A wide V-neck works wonders to give the best shape to your boobs. Sewn down paneling on the skirt holds in your tummy at the front and cuts your bum in half. Go for shoes that support the size of your upper leg while making the most of your elegant ankles.
  • Pear. Avoid side pockets and go for flat-front trousers. Straight boots are a godsend for covering the heft of those calves, so you can wear skirts and dresses. Belting your coat puts focus on your waist.
  • Brick. A sequined band on the top reinforces the feminine roundedness of the neck. Asymmetric pleats on the skirt will lift and caress your bottom. Bricks need curves so go for rounded toes on your shoes.

Best Shop for Clothing for Different Body Shapes

We hope you digg the body type fashion tips above and always remember not to follow trends blindly. Instead, go for the appropriate clothes that accentuate the essential parts of your body while minimize the blemish.

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Drop by the shops right away to indulge yourself in the heaven full of clothing for different body shapes.

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