Charlotte Russe Clothing Store


There are some things you must know about Charlotte Russe clothing store because they have some of the best clothes in town that we all love. We will see which primary factors have led to its success.

Charlotte Russe is named after a French Dessert and is well-known as a specialty retail chain store in the United States. The best things to get from the store include the trendy clothing and accessories tagged with Charlotte Russe, Refuge., or Blu Chic labels.

This California-based company basically delivers the latest fashions from teenagers to young women in their twenties or early thirties. Sound familiar? Of course, because the enthralling Deb clothing store and Rainbow clothing store are still fresh in your mind. Besides, Forever 21 is another keen competitor of Charlotte Russe which you can’t help checking the updates everyday too.

Now, let’s see what is so magical about CR that it is included in our top online clothing stores A-list.

5 Love Charlotte Russe Clothing Store Reasons

Okay, now if you are neither a fan of Charlotte Russe nor a typical fashion lover, let me get you open why people love this trendy shop.

  • As mentioned before somewhere in this site, to nurture an international brand is not a fantasy dream but it involves years of hard works and the will power to sustain in the loneliness. It is lonely as there will be a very long period where your fashion, clothing, products and reputation could not hit a tipping point. CR has been keeping up the spirit and dedication to build its community since 1975. Yes, the history is not as old as Hollister clothing or the reigning top designer clothing among others but it is the passion and commitment to serve the audience that matters.
  • Just like other popular fashion shops, their extensive catalogue which is often updated to jazz up the desire to shop frenetically. After all, shopping is the no.1 must-do activity for women.
  • Apart from the good quality of design and material in the comprehensive product catalogue, they also present us with plenty of nice model shooting photos that add pretty much more colors to the stuff we already loved. The charms, the smile and the professionalism of the carefully selected models simply make Charlotte Russe clothing more irresistible.
  • Their reward program has been inspiring since the first day they started doing business. They even have a gift center in their online store which includes few main categories like Stocking Stuffers, Hot Trends Easy Giving, By the Fire and Guaranteed Holiday Shipping. Get a gift card right away!
  • This last reason might not favor you much but it matters to some of the psychology and marketing students. As mentioned above the brand name comes from the French dessert, which is invented by the classic French Chef Marie Antonie Careme. This Bavarian-cream-made cold dessert has been the favorite in the population for more than 2 centuries now. The name Charlotte Russe simply makes the clothing more delicious in anyway. This psychology aspect is kind of similar to that of the name of MNG (MANGO). Any day you go to the shopping mall, these shops are certainly packed with people lust for beautiful clothes while also hunger for delicious food.

Where Can I find Charlotte Russe Clothing Store?

In fact, the factors which make a clothing store fly high are similar across different successful stores. But there will always be some subtle killers which make a label fly even higher than others.

Log on to Charlotte Russe website to pull those pretty dresses into your cart, pay and sit in the armchair in your cozy room to wait for them to come to you. Else, check the store locator on the top right of the website if you are dropping by any shopping mall soon.

Charlotte Russe clothing store
Charlotte Russe clothing store