Creating Clothing Part VI: 創造多元風格服裝

Continuing Creating Clothing Part V: 縫製服裝 It takes an abyss of 文化底蘊 and absolutely nothing to create 漢服, 唐裝, 中山裝, 長衫, 旗袍 and many other types of clothing of China as the history and cultural heritage have been so rich, deep and 

Creating Clothing Part V: 縫製服裝

Continuing Creating Clothing Part IV: 樣式創造 Right sides facing together, edges of fabric pattern pieces to seam together are pinned together at 90° degree angle along the seam edges before being sewn together edge by edge, end to end. Animal fiber fabrics such 

Creating Clothing Part IV: 樣式創造

Continuing Creating Clothing Part III: 大道至簡 Pattern creating is the foreplay of clothing creating. Before a piece of clothing, complete or incomplete, is made it has to go through the step-by-step process of pattern making which starts from sketching according to 

Creating Clothing Part III: 大道至簡

Continuing Creating Clothing Part II: 格物致知 Great tao the simplest. Tao is no mystique. Nothing is tao. Creating clothing all starts from playing with tools as Creating Clothing Part I: 工欲善其事 必先利其器. Once fashion tools and sewing machine as familiar as wife’s 

Creating Clothing Part II: 格物致知

Continuing Creating Clothing Part I: 工欲善其事 必先利其器 Known deconstructed. 格物 致知 誠意 正心 修身 齊家 治國 平天下 Within ancient China 儒家 walked the world through deconstructing things towards ultimate knowledge towards utmost sincerity towards unwavering righteousness of heart towards body cultivation towards 

Creating Clothing Part I: 工欲善其事 必先利其器

Smoothing work, first sharpening tools. Got to tao with various sewing machines and apparatus, pattern makers, measuring tools etc. to get used to them ’til 手到擒拿, touching them like touching wife. A clothing creator is one with the process and 

Creating Clothing Espousing 易經 (Yì Jīng)

Continuing Clothing Creating Espousing 易經 (Yì Jīng) Creating clothing is a progress of change, fashion itself is changing constantly. But more importantly, through changing I’m getting onto the lost secret that once held by emperors in ancient China few thousand years 

Clothing Creating Espousing 易經 (Yì Jīng)

易有太極 是生兩儀 兩儀生四象 四象生八卦 I’ve heard that I’ve walked too far that I’ve forgotten what I want; I’ve heard that the world is decaying rather than bettering. 莊子 (Zhuāng Zǐ) said 一龍一蛇 與時俱化 (literally one dragon one snake, transform along 

Creating Clothing 創造服裝

I’m creating clothing. I don’t need any knowledge of how to create your own clothing as I’m creating my own clothing, not yours. Before the end of the day, I’m making Chinese clothing so I occasionally Tao-ing with how to 

中國服裝 Clothing of China

I know Chinese culture, bit or deep. Myriad ethnics, thousand years of history in this vast land of concentric culture result in gems. Geographic boundary happens but spirit unbound. Clothing in China can mean Chinese clothing in the continuum of