Body Shop Clothing Store


Body Shop clothing store and Body Central clothing shop are the two most wanted beautiful bodies fashion lovers are crazily hunting down on the internet. Huh? Déjà vu? It sounds rather familiar.

Oh, gotcha! We’ve just savored the two most wanted foxes from fashion industry – Fox Racing clothing and Fox clothing! These two clothing lines are as electrifying as Megan Fox’s actions in Transformer, aren’t they?

Anyway, we’re here today to learn a little about the beautiful female bodies, oops, I mean the beauty of the fashion brands related to nothing but curving body.

The Phantom of Body Shop Clothing Store

Oh my god! I could feel the eeriness by just looking at the subtitle. What the hell is happening?

  • Alright, 1 T-shirts World is born to achieve One World One Clothing. When our dream comes true, brand makers, fashion lovers, and even just someone who needs clothes (means everyone, even aliens need Alien Workshop clothing) would find this dreamland an interesting hub for them to indulge themselves in, thus they would have the oomph to make the world a better place to stay.
  • In line with our mission, we’ve been working doggedly to build this site and have sent our amiable clothing hunter Stefanie Soul to wander around the world in her lifelong hunt for latest clothing fashion from high street and raw street scenes alike. Few days ago she went out on a mission to bring back some precious garments from Body Shop clothing store. She even sailed until the end of the world, not with your humorous Captain Jack Sparrow, but with the phantom of the opera, but her endeavor was futile.
  • When her radar beeped, she finally found the legendary online Body Shop store. She thought she must have reached the Elysion, a holy place only accessible to god, or those who perceive arayashiki a.k.a the 8th sense. However, she could only find nothing besides a mocking line “Bodyshop Clothing will be launching the online shop in 2007” We have never seen despair on Stefy’s face until yesterday. *Speechless*

Where Is the Legendary Body Shop Clothing Store?

No silly! Stefy is not that kind of girl who gives up just like that! It’s just disappointment in her face, not despair! She would never give up even there’s just 1% of hope left. She has sent an email to request for some delicious clothing from its latest production and we’ll see if the admin is still alive.

*Important update: Body Central is part of Body Shop of America, Inc. which operates stores under the names of Body Central and Body Shop.

Alright, though it seems like a forsaken land rather than an Elysion, you may still visit Body Shop website if you wish to see the legendary phantom Body Shop clothing store.

Body Shop clothing store
Body Shop clothing store