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Bape clothing has been storming throughout the street fashion world since 1993 and is now well recognized at every single corner where street king rules.

From Shibuya or Harajuku at Tokyo to Minami at Osaka, where you would see a mélange of fashions blends in with the riot of neon lights, A Bathing Ape is still seen everywhere in the crowd. It has become a street legend as well as a fashion indicator for a lot of other clothing brands. Even the fake products are rampant and making fortune for the owners of those companies manufacturing and distributing counterfeit Baby Milo, Bapesta, Camouflage hoodies and Bape t-shirts.

No wonder Nigo partnered with Pharrell to set up Billionaire Boys Club after the success. Now he is ready to bump up what he has to a new level, the plateau of billion dollars net worth.

The Magic of Bape Clothing

Whopah! Nigo has been putting on the show for the worldwide Bape fans. If you are not yet a fan, get ready to go crazy with others once you fall in love with this street fashion label.

  • The flashy design and original arts are compelling enough to win over the heart of millions of the fashion lovers floating in the market, what more A Bathing Ape is also renowned for using expensive material to confirm the quality of each and every single product.
  • Nigo was inspired to use A Bathing Ape as the brand name as it is the short of “bathing in lukewarm water” which ironically reflects the lazy opulence culture of the younger generation in Japan. What more when the idea of leveraging on the famous movie “Planet of the Apes” back in 1968 dawned on him that led him to using the sticky tagline “Ape Shall Never Kill Ape”. This appeals to the youngsters even more as it suggests unswerving comradeship and trust among friends. Young people simply love that.
  • One terrific magician is enough to play the stage and mesmerize the spectators. The atmosphere would hit the boiling point in no time when the stage is filled with plenty of other already famous magicians. At the climax, Nigo has Bape clothing cross projects with other popular characters from famous media. BobSponge, Super Mario Brothers, Superman and Kaws Original Fake are among others. It even has collaboration with luxurious brand Fendi and Beverage king Pepsi. The fans are really driven crazy by the limited supply and crossover projects.

What’s New in Bape Clothing Store?

There is some new stuff in its online clothing store. The classic ape has been modified a bit to have jagged outline, some new multi-color hoodie, bags and accessories are put on shelves for grab.

All in all, A Bathing Ape really rocks and adds so much color to the every-changing fashion world. We love it much and have the highlight of the latest Bape clothing here, hope you digg it.

Bape Clothing
Bape Clothing